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December 6, 2007

Bucci's List Of Drummers Beats The Hell Out Of Me

For the record, I like John Buccigross. I like his writing style and I like him because the man has a definite love for hockey. I even look past his ridiculous knee jerk approval of the Bigger Nets Would Be Better delusion because I think he has a good heart.

But a response to an email in this week's male bag (oops, mail bag) went too far. First, the email, in its entirety, from "Daniel Murray" (if that is his real name):

U2's Larry Mullen, Jr., is the best drummer in the last 30 years. That is all.

No he isn't. That is all.

Even worse than that ridiculous opinion was Bucci's response, which both pleased me greatly and made me want to punch something:

Travis Barker, Neil Peart, Lars Ulrich, and Danny Carey also in the mix.

It is almost impossible to argue that Neil Peart of Rush is not one of the greatest drummers of the last 30 years. He's a master of the craft. His solos are legendary. And it's also tough to argue against Danny Carey, whose technical perfection makes Tool the amazing band that it is---almost more so than Maynard Keenan's voice (but not quite). And I'll forgive the Travis Barker comment if only because the guy has a Dag Nasty tattoo on his chest and Blink 182 at least had a sense of humor despite being pretty terrible in general.

But Lars Ulrich? Is Bucci fucking insane? Forgetting for a moment that Metallica hasn't released a good record since the very early 1990s, and forgetting that they are possibly the most annoying group of people in the entire music industry, Lars Ulrich is, hands-down, the most overrated drummer in modern rock history. He's ridiculed by serious drummers everywhere and has been for decades, literally.

I submit to evidence Item A, this horrendous "drum solo," in which James Hetfield outplays Ulrich at the end, that unfortunately continues to exist on video despite my personal efforts to destroy it.

I'm sorry but it must be seen to be believed.

And to put Ulrich on a list with Danny Carey (while excluding Mike Portnoy) is absolutely atrocious. To make up for Bucci's transgression, I submit to you a hodge podge of Carey and Portnoy clips. Hopefully that will heal the pain he's caused.

I think Bettman needs to consider a two-game suspension for John Buccigross.



1) Thanks for defending Neil! As HUGE RUSH fans(dating ourselves there probably) we're a bit biased, but believe he's probably THE best of all time.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

It's hard to argue with that.

Teebz said...

I hate Buccigross. I hate him with all my being. My blog post about him says enough.

Urge to kill lowering.

That is all.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head with your post about him. I still kind of like him, but he's definitely not getting any better.

IwoCPO said...

Agreed with Peart. Unbelievable, as is the whole band. And am I drunk--again--or did he not mention Jon Bonham?

DMG said...

It's hard to believe Peart was overlooked but as a someone who's played drums for 12 years I'd have to say that Travis Barker is quite good.

The Dark Ranger said...

(2112) Bucci must have lost his ‘Freewill’ and, perhaps, not ‘In The Mood’ for a ‘Closer To The Heart’ piece on ‘Working Man’ drummers. This ‘Show Don’t Tell’ ‘Bravado’ belongs in ‘’The Trees’ and ignores the ‘Working Man’s inner ‘By-Tor and The Snow Dog’ or wild animal, or ‘the Spirit of. The Radio’ may be a better ‘Limelight’ for John Buccicross where such comments bring you ‘Something For Nothing.’

- tdr

givemethepen said...

Travis Barker is a better technical drummer than anyone else on this list. Yes he played in a crappy pop punk band, but check out some of the videos of him on youtube. The man played a full drum set with a broken left arm.

Anonymous said...

travis barker just hits a bunch of shit really fast. he's done nothing great or adventurous with his playing and he isn't fit to kiss bonham's feet.

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