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December 6, 2007

Court Documents Finger Crawford, But Not In The Good Way

I know this is going to come as a huge surprise to everybody, but it appears that former Vancouver coach Marc Crawford may have ordered Todd Bertuzzi's attack on former Avalanche player Steve Moore back in 2004.

I know, it's hard to believe that Moore, who had never done anything at all to Bertuzzi, nor really done anything wrong in general (his earlier hit on Marcus Naslund was clean and perfectly legal), would somehow be the target of a psycho coach's revenge fantasy.

Trust me, I'm an Avs fan, I know all about Crawford's bouts with insanity.

But let's not leave out Brian Burke. Though he may not have ordered the attack as the Canucks GM at the time, he certainly didn't make any kind of denouncements after it was done. And Bertuzzi is still his boy to this day.



1) Interesting how Bertuzzi was quite happy to make such a claim. It would be interesting if the other 17 or so other players in the dressing room that night thought the remarks by Crawford meant that Moore should be 'marked for death'.
2) Agreed, Burke's invovement will probably be more difficult to prove. Either way it seems to us non lawyers that Moore has a good case here
3) As we mentioned on another blog. If Moore had broken his nose and not his neck would we even be talking about this whole mess?

Andrew said...

i doubt very much that moore will have a case against anyone but bertuzzi unless something beyond crawford being a hyperbolic moron crawford surfaces.

i'd say there's a good chance he will most likely to be get something from bertuzzi. there was actually a similar case involving a dude on the broncos, where some guy on the bengals smashed him in the back of the neck, fracturing a vertebrae or something, and the bronco was able to recover since it was outside the bounds of normal football play. of course, that was a us case, and moore's suit is in canada.

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