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February 11, 2008

Breaking: Canadiens Players Busted For Purse-Snatching, Seriously

While not nearly as amusing as the Staal brothers' run-in with the law during the off-season, the arrests of Ryan O'Byrne (who?) and Thomas Kostopoulos (no kidding) for purse-stealing and resisting arrest, respectively, is high on the humor scale.

The two Canadiens players were busted outside a Tampa nightclub early this morning, in town prior to their team's game against the Lightning tomorrow.

Seriously, though, stealing a purse? I know the CBA after the Lockout was supposed to crack down on inflated player salaries, but it can't be that bad. Can it? Seriously guys, get new agents if you're that hard up for cash.


Jibblescribbits said...

That's what happens when you let the kids watch too much of that damn Seinfeild. He's a bad influence on those guys I'm telling you

The Dark Ranger said...

The real question at hand is this, "What did they do with the purse when they snatched it? The money inside or a new addition for an evening out?"

Imagine what Sean Avery could do with that material?


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