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September 20, 2007

Breaking: As In, His Finger - Toews Out

Jonathan "Stubby" Toews, the Blackhawks' super prospect and god among men, won't be playing any hockey for about three weeks. The genius managed to break his index finger in last night's pre-season game against the Blue Jackets (the 'Hawks lost 4-3).

That's a bummer for Chicago in a season that will likely be more or less horrible no matter what. They're doomed. Might as well just admit it, kill Toews as a sacrifice to the Hockey Gods, and move on.

The quicker the better.

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Jacob Dunman said...

I can't be too harsh on a preseason injured rookie. I seem to remember some Penguin rookie...a Russian I think...that got hurt last year. What ever happened to that guy?

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I heard he stole a trophy from a more deserving guy on the Avalanche.

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