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September 25, 2007

Gratuitous Tuesday: In The Duff

If there's one thing everybody in the entire world knows to be true, it's this: young, attractive, filthy rich celebrities really NEED very expensive presents from other rich celebrities.

Case in point: young Hilary Duff just celebrated her 20th birthday (god bless her) and her filthy rich boyfriend Mike Comrie came up big (so to speak). Obviously in the giving mood, he sprung (sorry) for a pretty impressive present. If there's one thing a 20 year-old girl needs more than anything else in the world, it's a $100,000 Mercedes SUV. If anyone can really appreciate the value of something like that, it's an almost-still-a-teen pop princess.

Anyway, it's not all glamor and fun in the world of Duffrie™ though (trademark Dear Lord Stanley 2007). No, sometimes they have to slum it out and get their hands dirty. Sometimes Hilary has to sit in the stands at Islanders games and watch Mikie Poo and his teammates duke it out with the entire Rangers team. And then watch him score the game-winner. What a tough life.

Let's just hope Hilary plays it safe in that new ride of hers. We wouldn't want to see her do something she'll probably regret.

I'd hate that.

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gwyshynski said...

"Duffrie," eh? Yeah, I think that's a bit better than "Cuff" or "Dumrie."

Now if we could only find a way to hook up Sean Avery with "teh Lohan," we can have ourselves a REAL hockey rivalry...

vecshonIX said...

Comrie is such a dirtbag. When it starts happening to her his lie of a sexual lifestyle won't suffer an inch, but her dignity will. What a dirty bastard.

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