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September 4, 2007

The World's Tiniest Violin Plays Just For John Tavares

photo courtesy Jeff McIntosh
Poor John Tavares.

Because his birthday is September 20th, the young hockey standout won't qualify for the 2008 NHL Entry Draft---he'll be five days short of his 18th birthday on the league's qualification date of September 15th and therefore ineligible.

Sure he's still just 16, and yeah, it's conceivable that his development as a top-tier hockey player has barely even begun, but Tavares wants to be drafted NOW. He just can't handle the idea of having to wait like anyone else in his position.

"I'm seeing all my peers get drafted and get experience at NHL camps and learning and getting better,'' he said. ''For me, I've still got to wait two years with players who haven't yet played a game in the OHL or the CHL yet."

How horrible it must be to have to endure those pathetic plebes who fill the junior ranks simply because they had the misfortune of being a couple of years behind Tavares. Those pathetic children aren't fit to clean his skates.

To free him of the horrible confines of the junior leagues, Tavares' agent Bryan Deasley is seeking for his client an exception to the NHL Draft rules. If granted, Tavares will be allowed to enter the 2008 NHL Draft, a year earlier than anyone else with his birth date.

But don't be fooled into thinking that Tavares and his agent want to help other players with the same birthday-related misfortune as him make an early Draft appearance as well. No no. They just want special treatment for John.

''We are not looking for anything other than an exceptional status consideration from the league,'' [Deasley] said. ''Every once in a while a player comes along that compels us to look at things more clearly and differently - outside the box.''

And in case you're slow, that rare player is none other than Tavares, of course.

Now, I understand that John Tavares is a good hockey player, and he could one day be truly great. But the little brat is just 16, and has a long way to go until he starts taking Chris Pronger elbows to the head. He's still a kid, and obviously a bratty one at that. Having to wait a couple more years before cashing in his first big signing bonus won't kill him.

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Luís said...

I totally agree with you.

Bad luck. 5 days. It's a shame really. Poor little boy. But I've seen worse. Like people with cancer and such...

It may affect his development, I don't know, but still, rules are rules. Then if every good young player comes and asks for this special status what do we say to them?


1) Wasn't this also true of Alex Ovechkin a few years back? He was so close to the cut off date that the Florida Panthers tried to draft him stating that because there were several leap years Alex was actualy old enougfh to be drafted. Or some such nonsense.
2) It was laughed at/disallowed, as should this. If the kid were from a non-North American country it wouldn't even be an issue!

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I think Canada should deport him to Albania just for the hell of it.

The Dark Ranger said...

...and maybe Eric Lindros can be his mentor. Feels like an over-stressed mom begging the pre-school that HER child is a little more advanced than the other kids.


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