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September 4, 2007

Jeremy Roenick Reluctantly Bows To Unending Demand He Keep Playing

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Jeremy Roenick retired earlier this summer. Then today, he unretired. That's how he rolls, get used to it.

Roenick, who put up a truly dominant performance last season with the Phoenix Coyotes (70 games, 28 points), could no longer resist the unceasing calls for him to stay just one more season in the NHL. He has signed a one-year deal with the San Jose Sharks, who apparently no longer have any interest in finding young, talented players.

Roenick used to be good. Not only did he score a lot of goals, he also caused a video game sensation by being the best player by far on the hallowed Sega Genesis game NHL '94. Even with a humble 87 rating, he crushed the opposition and scored at will. I can't count the number of times I broke Wayne Gretzky's skull with a Jeremy Roenick elbow check and made Curtis Joseph look stupid with a ridiculous breakaway deke.

Those were the days when Roenick was a hockey god. Now, not so much.

All he really has going for himself now is a legacy of loud-mouthed buffoonery and silly antics. Granted, Roenick's got about 15,000 times more personality than anybody currently playing in the NHL (other than Captain Charisma himself, Sidney Crosby). After he drops dead on the ice sometime in late November he'll truly be missed. By somebody I'm sure.

NOTE: Due to the Labor Day holiday, there will be no Gratuitous Tuesday post this week. Unless I suddenly become far more mature in the next seven days, that feature will resume as normal next week.

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Can'tStoptheGrier said...

"the San Jose Sharks, who apparently no longer have any interest in finding young, talented players."

Christian Ehrhoff - German Olympic Team, 2004 NHL YoungStars Game, 25 years old.

Matt Carle - 23 years old, All Rookie Team

Marc Eduard Vlasic - 20 years old, All Rookie Team

Milan Michalek - 22 years old, 66 points, six year extension

Jonathan Cheechoo - 27 years old, 69 points, "Richard" trophy winner

Patrick Marleau - 28 years old, 2 time All Star, signed until 2010.

Joe Thornton - 28 years old, 2005-06 MVP, signed until 2011.

Still want to stick by that statement? Signing Roenick is zero risk and all reward. If he is a bust, who cares - it costs the Sharks nothing. They can only benefit from adding him to this core of the best young talent in the league.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I am well-aware that there is not a single player other than Roenick on the Sharks roster that is older than 32.

You are apparently not aware that I like to be sarcastic for no reason at all.

Draft Dodger said...

and I am aware that that chick is throwing the weakest bird of all time.

thedope said...

I'm glad he's not retiring. I'm looking forward to more bizarre stories like when he finds out he's not in the lineup, he leaves the arena and watches a game from a nearby restaurant - forcing Gretzky to suspend him.

The entertainment value for the Sharks just went up a bit.

Faux Rumors2 said...

1Little behind the times there. Nice j. ob copying my post right down to the buffoon reference.


Dear Lord Stanley said...

I made this post a day before yours. Bozo.

Faux Rumors2 said...

1. Fuck you idiot. Any fuckin moron can change the date on a post.

2. Try coming up with your own ideas or is your IQ that low that you can't come up with your own?



1) Hey guys: The above comments attributed to a FAUXRUMORS2 not affiliated with anyone with the fauxrumors blog. Just a nut case who was able to hijack and steal our and several others' blogs last winter. Sorry for the silliness.
2) He's evidently gone down our list of fav blogs and posted derogitory notes to attempt to stir things up. Feel sorry for the poor sap, or go to his blog http://imhockeynutz.blogspot.com/ and complain directly!

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Yeah, something seemed a little fishy. Thanks for clearing that up.

Some people obviously have too much spare time on their hands.

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