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October 17, 2007

Hartley Rewarded For Hard Work As Coach Of Lousy Team

Bob Hartley is not a bad coach. He won a Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche back in 2001, so obviously he has talent behind the bench. But, looking at the lineup of that team, even Wayne Gretzky could have coached the Avs to a championship.

I kid the Great One, I kid.

But back to Hartley, today the Atlanta Thrashers fired his ass because they haven't managed to win a game yet this season---the only winless team in the entire NHL. It's not uncommon for a hockey team to fire their coach when they can't win any games. But is it really Hartley's fault? The team isn't exactly stacked with talent. It's not exactly stacked with anything except a bunch of guys who are either too old to still be playing or belong in the AHL. Hossa and Kovalchuk are pretty good, but Hossa's injured. One guy can't carry an entire team.

So, is it fair to fire a coach when the front office doesn't give him all that much to work with? Hartley has proven in the past that when given a lineup almost totally filled with All-Stars, he can win a Cup. Why is it so hard for Atlanta to provide that for him?

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1) Hartley WILL be back in the NHL in some capcity very soon. He's still well regarded.
2) The man who fired him can't say the same. Once the ownership nonsense is figured out in Atlanta, they will realize that after being their for over 10 years their team is being run by an incompetant boob. Mr. Waddell will not get another crack at a GM post thereafter.

The Dark Ranger said...

1. Perhaps he will replace Tom Renney in New York.

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