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November 22, 2007

Briere To Critics: STFU

photo courtesy of Gerry Broome/AP

When he signed an eight-year, $52 million free agent contract with the Flyers over the summer, hockey talking heads were apprehensive. That much money for a guy who's only 5-9, 175-pounds? That much for a guy who'd only had a couple of really good years in Buffalo? Briere instead of Chris Drury?

Well, the Flyers didn't sweat it, and now they look like friggin' geniuses.

Briere scored a hat trick and an assist in the Flyers' 6-3 crushing of a very, very good Carolina Hurricanes team last night. Danny Boy now has 10 goals and 24 points in 20 games, and his team is second in the Atlantic Division with 25 points and a 12-7-1 record.

Former teammate Chris "Avalanche Ex-Girlfriend" Drury, on the other hand, has just 13 points (three goals) in 21 games. Though the Rangers are playing very well and lead the Flyers in the standings by two points, Briere is looking like the better free agent deal, by far.

Briere says his critics can suck it. They'll probably have to kneel down pretty low.

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1) We'll with hold judgment on Danielle's worth until the playoffs when the real NHL season commences. If he leads the team to a playoff series win or two, we will agree he's earned that dough!
2) If they fall apart/not make the post season or are dispatched in one round, then its questionable how much he's helped (thus far)

Mike at MHH said...

It's obviously the name change from Daniel to Danny. Maybe if Drury went by Chrissy instead?

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I prefer to call Drury "Christine."

rickmarnon, howell said...

Briere played unreal the last couple of years. Last time I checked this is how you earn a better paycheck. This guy is a gamer, and it has been proven.

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