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November 19, 2007

Hurting Other Players On Purpose Is Awesome

photo of a whiny baby courtesy of Jeff Vinnick/Getty

Man, have you heard about the coolest new trend in the National Hockey League? It's called "illegal play with intent to injure," and all the kids are doing it. Sure, if you get caught you get a time-out, like those three Flyers players. And Chris Simon got a pretty long suspension for hitting some guy in the face with his stick, but Simon's a cool guy and that other loser needs to toughen up.

And really, I don't know why Mikko Koivu doesn't just get over it. He threw an elbow first, so getting a samurai chop to the leg with a hard ass hockey stick should have been expected, even if it did cause a fracture. What a baby.

Welcome to the "New NHL," kids. Quit complaining and get used to it.

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