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November 26, 2007

Don't Hire The Maple Leafs As Your Financial Advisor

Why did nobody tell me the Maple Leafs are paying Pavel Kubina $5 million a year? Why did David Amber have to clue me in late last week with his column about over-priced players?

Just look at the photo above. The asshole bought a Ferrari.

Seriously, Pavel Kubina? $5 million a year?! Sure, he's having a decent season so far, but it's not like he's Scott Niedermayer or anybody like that. Kubina is a career -85, and that includes his time on the Cup-winning Tampa Bay Lightning. Speaking of which, that's about as close to the Cup that most of the Maple Leafs are ever going to come.

Blame Kubina's salary, or his Ferrari.

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1) Kubina and quite a few others(Penner, etc) are over paid for their production, but no one put a gun to the heads of teams to pay them.
2) Would anyone out there turn down that kind of cabbage if it were offered?

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Hell no.

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