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March 26, 2007

The Anniversary

Today is the ten year anniversary of one of the most infamous days in the history of the once-bitter Avalanche-Red Wings rivalry. While the rivalry itself has died down, especially with the departure of nearly every player involved to retirement or other teams, the memory lives on.

It is still obvious that Darren McCarty sucker-punched Claude Lemieux as he was skating toward the bench. It wasn't a fair fight. Then, once McCarty got Lemieux down against the boards, he started kneeing him repeatedly in the head. Why Wings fans view this as a crowning achievement for their team may never be fully understood. It was pathetic.

At any rate, the Avs lost the game and lost their chance to defend the Cup later in the playoffs. It was a low-point for their franchise as well.

Denver Post columnist Adrian Dater has written a book about the rivalry called Blood Feud. Anyone interested in arguably the greatest pro sports rivalry in the past ten years should probably pick it up.

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