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March 24, 2007

A Loss, But A Win For Arnason

Tyler Arnason isn't the most prolific scorer in the NHL. He's not even close to being the top scorer on the Colorado Avalanche. He's currently fifth on the team with 46 points, just 42 points behind captain Joe Sakic, the Ageless Wonder. While Arnason isn't going to make a huge dent on the scoreboard over the course of a season, he has taken it to the Edmonton Oilers this year.

Despite the loss to Edmonton in overtime yesterday (really, how do you lose that game?), Arnason tallied two assists. He had three assists the game before, also against the Oilers on March 21st. This is not unlike him, as he leads all other Avs in scoring against the Oilmen with eleven points in eight games.

In addition to the most recent multi-assist efforts against Edmonton already mentioned above, Arnason scored a goal in a loss on October 14th, two goals and an assist in a win on November 30th, and a goal and an assist in a win on December 15th. Not too bad for a guy that has never been known as a major offensive threat.

So the question is, if a guy like Tyler Arnason can step up his game and score well against the sorry Oilers, why couldn't the rest of the Avalanche do it last night?

And where the hell has Stastny gone?

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