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March 22, 2007

Colorado 5, Edmonton 1

The Avs swept into Edmonton last night and crushed the Oilers with ease, improving their record over the last ten games to 9-0-1. Not that beating the Oilmen is really that big of a deal, as the former team of Ryan Smyth has apparently all but packed their bags and permanently left the proverbial building. They've lost twelve straight games.

As for the Avalanche, they continue on their make-the-playoffs-or-die-trying tear, chasing down the on-again, off-again Flames of Calgary.

It's cool to see Colorado doing so well, but one has to ask, where the hell were they the rest of the season? Why are they still four points out of the playoffs after going 9-0-1 in the last ten games?


What is particularly telling is which Avalanche players haven't been playing during this impressive streak. Peter Budaj has finally become THE starting goalie, and with much success, at the expense of uber-disappointment Jose Theodore, who hasn't played since February 25th, the last non-overtime loss the team has suffered this season. Also not playing is constantly-hurt Jordan Leopold, the defenseman received in the asinine trade of Alex Tanguay to the Flames.

Also missing in action is ironman defenseman Karlis Skrastins, who, promptly after setting the league record for most consecutive games played by a blueliner, got himself hurt. He hasn't played since February 24th. The man touted as the backbone of the Avs appears to have been either holding them back or else not having much effect at all. Without him, the Avs can't lose.

With any luck, coach Joel Quenneville won't rush Leopold or Skrastins (neither of whom are really that great anyway) back into the lineup if and when they recover from their ailments. And also with any luck, the front office will dump them after this season and invest in some real defensemen.

What are the odds of that?

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