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March 29, 2007

Superstitious Stanley

NHL.com has posted an interesting article on the superstitions surrounding making physical contact with the Stanley Cup, the greatest trophy in all of professional sports.

Best excerpt:

“It wasn’t so much a superstition as it was a respect factor that someone else had earned it and it was someone else’s to stick over their head and raise,” [Bryan] Trottier said. “I can remember looking at the names and the engraving. But I didn’t dare touch it and put fingerprints all over it because it wasn’t mine.”

Now that the Cup literally has his name all over it, Trottier certainly looks at it a lot differently.

“It’s really kind of cool because we won it in 2001 (as an assistant coach in Colorado),” he said, “and when I’d see Stanley somewhere I would just grab him, you know, because he’s ours.”

Hopefully, he'll belong to the Avs again. Sooner rather than later, of course.

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