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March 26, 2007

Colorado 5, Vancouver 4 (SO)

I have to admit, the Avalanche got lucky in this one. They did play hard, though, and Jose Theodore proved once again that while he's a almost always a terrible goalie during regulation, nobody can beat him in a shootout (so far).

And I wonder, why didn't coach Quenneville rest Peter Budaj during the second game against Edmonton last week? That would have been an excellent time to let the workhorse take a day off and recover from his long stretch of starts recently. Just sayin'.


Zanstorm said...

I'd say the Avalanche deserved to win last night. They outshot and out worked the Canucks immensely.

What a game.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

From a shot-to-shot perspective, the Avalanche absolutely dominated. But Budaj had to be pulled and the game still went to a shootout. The Avs need to tighten their early-game playing and stop falling into scoring holes.

Easier said than done, of course.

Thanks for your comment, Zanstorm.

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