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March 23, 2007

Better Late Than Never?

In an article posted today by Denver Post sports writer Adrian Dater, Avalanche captain Joe Sakic shares a nugget of wisdom that boggles the mind:

"We didn't need a rental player," Avs captain Joe Sakic said. "We've got a great group of guys here. Guys got more committed to playing in our end and everybody's playing as a team. Now we're on this run, and we're excited about it.

"(Giguere) gave us a chance. He stuck with this group. The confidence he showed in the hockey club was a big thing. We started to play relaxed and started winning games. We really believe in one another now."

You believe in one another now?! Well gosh, Joe, it only took 65 GAMES for you guys to start believing in one another. I guess that's better late than never.

Here's a hint, fellas. You're probably not going to be a very successful team unless you believe in yourselves ALL SEASON LONG. I know this is a big mental stretch, but please try to grasp it.

And while Avs GM Francois Giguere looks like a genius now (by doing almost nothing at the trade deadline), what would have been the reaction if the Avs lost the last ten games, or even maintained their win one, lose one routine so common during the rest of the season? If all it took to turn things around was a little confidence and trust in each other, why did it have to come so late?

On a related note, Calgary won again last night, meaning the Avs are still six points out of the playoffs with only nine to play. Let's hope their new-found confidence lasts a while longer.

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