“Bettman has only a marginal interest in the weaker teams. He only wants the NHL to make a bigger profit as a whole.” -- Dominik Hasek

March 28, 2007

"Scratch" Should Be Scratched

Karlis Skrastins made his return to the Colorado Avalanche last night in the game against Vancouver. During his thirteen-game absence due to injury, the Avs had gone 10-1-2. Last night, Vancouver beat them 3-0, including two empty net goals.

Is there a connection? I think so. Is it unfair to think that one defenseman can have such a negative effect on an entire team, even when he's perceived to be a positive motivator? I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

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Tapeleg said...

Or, how about the fact that Coach Q had to change up lines to make room for Skras. Avs score plenty on Luongo with the lines they used the previous game, then change things up to make room for people returning, and look what happens.

It's the number one thing that pisses me off about Coach Q.

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