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August 27, 2007

Bert Prepares For Civil Reaming

Sure, a two-year, $8 million dollar contract sounds nice, but Todd Bertuzzi isn't quite high on life yet. There's one little thing left for him to think about: the civil suit against him from former Avalanche player Steve Moore.

You may remember Moore from his only on-ice highlight reel, the one where he got punched from behind then pushed to the ice face-first, his neck broken and his life nearly over.

You may also remember Bertuzzi from a significant highlight reel from his career, the one where he works up some fake tears and a fake apology for almost killing another NHL player in front of thousands of people.

Though long delayed, the Moore suit against "Bert" is proceeding, and is expected to start in the coming months. With video evidence like this, it doesn't look too good for Brian Burke's favorite son.

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1) Doubt Moore will get the 20 million he's asking, but he should get a nice sum from this suit for not only his potential lots NHL wages, but pain/suffering, etc.
2) Most 'assaults' aren't covered by 3 different camera angles. Hard to argue it didn't happen the way it did. The only unknown is the 'premeditated' part. Which most of us who were watching, knew it was.
3) We won't be crying any real or fake tears if the jury or judge throws the book at T-Bert and awards the Max!

Jibblescribbits said...

This is a long time coming for Moore, and he deserves to get the case heard, finally.

I never understood why the NHL player fraternity resented Moore for bringing the case against Bertuzzi. I know there's an unspoken rule that what happens on the ice stays there, but this wasn't Moore taking a cheap check into the boards, this was an obvious assault that cause permanent damage, clearly this is outside the scope of the antiquated "code"

I mean isn't this why Civil cases were invented. Bertuzzi obviously cost Moore future earning potential and also medical bills etc.

On a completely lighter note: Good news, DLS can try to get his dream girl, as she has broken up with Avery

Bad news, you'll have to work a lot harder for reasons to post her scantily clad pictures.


1) Avery was seen recently with his ex's friend/skank Paris Hilton. If he stays with her he may miss time this season recovering from several know and unknown STD's!

Jibblescribbits said...

Does he have Theo's number? he might be able to get tips on which prescription works best

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I heard it was Rogaine.

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