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August 7, 2007

Random News Tuesday

It's Tuesday, so it's time again for a random picture of a nice young lady showing (among other things) her support for a National Hockey League team.

In other news:

A recent convert to the Puck Bunny lifestyle, Hilary Duff has been spotted in Edmonton of all places, this time serving food at a homeless shelter. That's all well and good, Hil, but I'd prefer you got back to taking photos like these. Which is the true service to mankind? I think we all know the answer to that.

Ducks goalie and recent Stanley Cup winner Jean-Sebastian Giguere is now recovering from sports hernia surgery. As a recent recipient of hernia surgery myself (true story), I can say that he'll be in no small amount of pain for at least a few days. After that he can resume whatever unsafe physical activity caused the problem in the first place, just like I have.

And finally, Kevin Lowe is still a dick.

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The Dark Ranger said...

I second the Kevin Lowe comment. heard a broadcast of the guy -- what an ass.

Too bad she isn't wearing a Rangers jersey -- I would have voted you #1 blogger of the week. Forget the blogs, keep the pix coming...


Anonymous said...

She's got a wonderful adult site, I recognized her immediatly. very nice to look at. kates playground

Mike said...

Thank you for that picture; after staring at Sedins and Mitchell all year, it's good to see some talent in those jerseys!

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