“Bettman has only a marginal interest in the weaker teams. He only wants the NHL to make a bigger profit as a whole.” -- Dominik Hasek

August 22, 2007

Will Bettman Bet It All On Las Vegas?

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When I hear the name Las Vegas, the very first thought that comes to my mind is hockey. The hot weather, the complete lack of snowfall, the legalized and rampant gambling...how could a person NOT think about the National Hockey League when they think about Las Vegas?

In an effort to satisfy the panicked frenzy for hockey among local residents, Harrah's (the casino and hotel giant) is selflessly planning to construct a brand new arena just off the Vegas Strip by 2010. It's not about money. They just want the puck-crazed populace of Sin City to be happy.

What's curious about the stadium plan is where it will be located. Despite being only one block east of the Strip, the black heart and twisted soul of Las Vegas, it will actually be outside city limits, thus crushing the mayor's dreams of having a "downtown" arena. Like Vegas has a downtown anyway.

Gary Bettman's plans won't be crushed, though. He's no doubt happier than a pig in, well, you know what. After all, nothing could be more in line with his grand vision of never-ending NHL expansion than a major league ice hockey team based in a city that has no winter, no local water supply nor any significant precipitation at all, let alone snow. How could that possibly be a bad idea?

If they need a good name for the team, I have a suggestion: The Craps.

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Anonymous said...

The Las Vegas Losers would be the most appropriate name, since it is a gambling city and all...

Bettman's a moron.


Teebz said...

If the NHL expands into Vegas, I'll either burn down the NHL offices, or lynch Gary Bettman in Times Square. Either way, it will be more entertaining than hockey in Vegas.

On the birght side, at least Phoenix can have a partner in failing hockey franchises.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Vegas and Phoenix already share a failing water infrastructure, so it won't seem to strange to them.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

And of course that should be "too", not "to." Doh!

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