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August 2, 2007

When Bunnies Attack! Part II

I have to admit, my original post about the lovely ladies, or "Puck Bunnies," of professional hockey piqued my interest. Well, it piqued something. But in the pursuit of full disclosure, I must confess I was intrigued by the idea of hockey players having groupies. Hockey players are pretty boring, you know.

In my research of the subject, I stumbled across an entire underworld of actual and would-be hockey groupies, a whole Puck Bunny community, dedicated to drooling all over attractive (and unattractive, sorry TooToo) professional hockey players.

For example, there are message boards like Bunny Heaven and Bunnies World, Yahoo Groups like NHL's Hot Hockey Players and even a whole blog.

There is at least one sociological research paper written about Bunnies, though I'm not sure I understand how they can be just a myth since I've written multiple blog posts about them.

And there are even self-described "Puck Bunny Watchers."

All in all, a fascinating subculture of the hockey world. I guess you could label me a "Bunny Watcher" as well, though I prefer "creepy stalker." Has more of a ring to it.

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HabsFan29 said...

There is no way they are a myth. That research paper was about UK hockey teams. I didn't even know there was hockey in the UK.

Anyone who is ever been to the Bell Centre, or to any town that has a team in in the O or the Q, knows the phenomenon is real. Shit man, my university intramural team had them.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I totally should have become a hockey player instead of a wise janitor. All I have to keep me company are dust bunnies.

Get it? Hello?

Mike Thompson said...

I need a car crach sound effect for that one, DLS.

Also, it's official: A puck bunny post every week here at DLS.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Can do.

Defenseman said...

I played in the ECHL for years, and puck bunnies are real. Of course they get hotter as you move up in the league...ha! Getting some after a night at the bar is great, but having groupies at the game is annoying, as you're under the eye of the coach and your buddies, and usually you're more interested in talking to REAL fans, signing stuff, and not talking to airheaded puck bunnies who know little to nothing about the actual game. But... there's nothing like some road head before a long trip.

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