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August 2, 2007

Frei Tells Old Farts: Get The Hell Out!

Terry Frei, Denver Post and ESPN columnist, has now cast himself as an emperor overseeing a gladiator battle. With the simple gesture of a thumbs-down, Frei can dispatch anyone to instant death.

In this case, he's dispatching hockey players to the death of their careers.

Who makes his hit list? Well, let's say the guys he chose to call out aren't exactly tough to guess:

  • Eric Lindros
  • Jeremy Roenick
  • Patrice Brisebois
  • Pierre Turgeon
  • Michael Peca
  • and Peter Forsberg
Finally somebody has the guts to say Jeremy Roenick should retire. We haven't been hearing those rumors for months already, so Frei's recommendation is really courageous when you think about it.

And Forsberg? Who's that guy? I heard his ankles already retired two years ago.

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The Dark Ranger said...

The Don Cherry of Denver!


Dear Lord Stanley said...

All he needs now are some crazy suits.

Mike Thompson said...

Frie is to hard-hitting sports journalism as pillow fights are to mixed martial arts...

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Did somebody say pillow fight?

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