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April 8, 2007

3 Best, 3 Worst

As just one of Dear Lord Stanley's end-of-the-season wrap-up entries, we submit to you our three favorite Avalanche players of the 2006-07 season as well as our least favorite three players. As a side note, players who spent most or all of the season on the injured list can't be considered as "least favorites" out of fairness.

3 Favorites and 1 Honorable Mention:

Joe Sakic (The Captain never lets us down)
Paul Stastny (The Future Captain has been a true revelation)
Peter Budaj (he deserves to start every game of next season)
Tyler Arnason (played far above his ability in the final 20 games)

3 Least Favorites:

Jose Theodore (really, is any elaboration necessary?)
Marek Svatos ("sophomore slump" doesn't even cover half of it)
Antti Laaksonen (who?)

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B_Washington said...

My only regret this season is I didn't start blogging until late...

Not sure if you're interested but..

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