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April 28, 2007

Barely Enough Canucks

Though I'm definitely rooting for them to beat the Ducks, Vancouver right now just doesn't look like a team that can win the Cup. Sure, they won game two of the series, but just barely and it took two overtimes.

As usual, their offensive production is lacking. They've scored only three goals in two games so far, and they still struggle to get any offensive momentum going. The good news is they took 40 shots on goal during regulation in game two, which means they are getting open fairly often, but the true quality scoring chances are rare.

As for Anaheim, I feel sorry for them. They have one of the most potent offenses in the entire league and they have to face Roberto Luongo, who can beat opposing teams sitting on his ass. If that isn't frustrating, I have no idea what is. Last night he had 43 saves on 44 shots for a save percentage of .977. That's just inhuman.

But you can't win a series with superb goaltending alone. Just ask the Devils, who are losing already to the Senators' super offense. You have to have the total package. The only team that really looks like they have the perfect combination of defense, goaltending and offense is the Buffalo Sabres, but they've looked that way all season.

I can't wait for more games.


Teebz said...

.977 is ridiculous. Luongo is unfathomable.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

And to think, Florida traded him for Todd Bertuzzi. An injured Todd Bertuzzi.

THAT'S unfathomable.

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