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April 23, 2007

Finally Gone

photo courtesy Larry Macdougal/AP

Alex Tanguay is on a whole different team and he still gets jacked around by the Red Wings. Too bad for him, and his new teammates.

Goodbye Calgary, and good riddance.


B_Washington said...

Well I can say I am sad to see Calgary go, mainly because I like Yelle and Tanguay.

I am conflicted on how much I like this Flames team, Game 5 was a disgrace, but I find it hard to judge everyone on one frustrating game.

Let's hope that Detroit loses in the second round and I'll be happy.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I definitely hope Detroit goes on to choke hard in the next round, but I'm glad they dispatched the Flame-Outs.

For most of the season the Flames looked lazy to me, barely getting by and playing like total crap on the road. At the end of the season, they dropped the last six games and stumbled into the playoffs. Jerome Iginla is an overrated captain and the only truly great player on that team is Kipper, who shares "elite goalie" status with only Luongo, Brodeur and Turco. As for the rest of the team, their collective efforts amount to a giant "so what?"

Glad they're gone.

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