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April 29, 2007

A Mess In Hockeytown

A couple of days ago Christy at Behind The Jersey (yes, a Dead Wings blog) posted a revealing look at why Hockeytown (or, as I prefer, America's Worst City) is getting worse when it comes to attending sporting events. Specifically Dead Wings playoff games. Seems you can't squeeze blood from the turnip that is Detroit's underpaid and underemployed populace, even if your team hasn't missed the playoffs since 1990.

As an Avalanche fan, I admit I'm jealous that Hockey's Biggest Homers even have a chance to see their team in the playoffs, but c'mon, $63 for first round nosebleed seats? In a decrepit arena now almost 30 years old?

No thanks.


Teebz said...

I think it could also be the complacency of getting used to having a winning team that bows out before the Conference or Stanley Cup Finals. Detroit's recent playoff history equates to their winning tradition, but bowing out in the first and second rounds doesn't equate to a whole lot of excitement.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

This year has been more exciting for the Wings than recent ones, that's for sure. It helps that they only had to dispatch a pathetic Flames team in the first round. It will be interesting how they cope with San Jose on their own turf.

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