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April 20, 2007

Playoff Roundup - WTF?! Edition

photo courtesy of Jonathan Hayward/AP

Looks like the Senators actually came to play this year, and won't be bowing out of the playoffs early. They finished off the someday-mighty Penguins in just five games with a shutout yesterday. Ray Emery looked like a total class act in net, in addition to looking like one all the time anyway, and stopped all 20 shots he faced.

Sidney Crosby didn't have such a great day, but he did manage to score five points in as many games, and played his ass off as always. We're generally opposed to bandwagons but Sid deserves every ounce of hype he gets. He'll be a force for years.

Hang in there Sid, you gotta lose a few to win a few, they say.

photo courtesy of Phillip MacCallum/Getty

As for other series, the ongoing war of attrition between the Stars and the Canucks continues, as yet another goalie duel ends in overtime. This time, the score was a riveting 0-0 at the end of regulation, and Brenden Morrow put everyone out of their misery a little more than six minutes into OT. Because of the low score, all NHL goals will now be expanded. Anyway, thanks Brenden. If you hadn't scored that goal, the NHL would have changed the playoff format to include 3-on-3 Rock-Paper-Scissors or something.

Also out west, the Flames remembered how to play hockey and have now managed to tie their series against Detroit at two games apiece. WTF?! Calgary looked all but dead a few days ago. Oh wait, their two victories both came at home, the only place they feel comfortable playing. The definition of the term "homer" can vary a little bit, but we'd argue that the Flames are certainly in the running for the title Biggest Homers Ever. If Detroit doesn't finish these jokers off in the next two games, we'll give somebody, anybody, ten bucks.

And finally, the Ducks put the Wild out of their misery. Yawn. Some people might think the Dallas-Vancouver series is boring, but nobody plays duller hockey than the Wild, and it's good to see them go. Freshly victorious, the Ducks should be a formidable team for whoever get's stuck with them next, even if they aren't that Mighty anymore.

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