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April 24, 2007

Refuel The Bandwagon

The first round of the playoffs is over, and our adopted favorite teams didn't fare so well. The Predators and the Penguins are both out of it and surely heading for tee times on sunny golf courses somewhere. So, once again, we're without a horse in the race.

In the interest of staying interested (like that's tough), we've decided to select new favorite teams, starting fresh in the second round. Below we'll list the matchups and pick the club we want to win (not necessarily who we think will win, of course).

Rangers VS Sabres
Gotta love the Sabres. They won the President's trophy and they're led by a former Avalanche hero, Chris Drury. Definitely the deepest, most talented team in the league, and extremely deserving of a Cup. The Rangers were impressive against Atlanta, and it's always good to see an Original Six team go far, but we're going with the Buffaslugs, despite their unfortunate uniforms.

Devils VS Senators
Avalanche fans have long memories, and as a rule we can't root for the Devils. It's high time for the Sens to be successful in the post-season anyway, so we'll have to go with Alfredsson's boys in this one. And it will slow Fatty Brodeur down from catching Patty Roy for most playoff wins.

Ducks VS Canucks
What a great matchup, purely from a poetic perspective! And speaking of poetry, Roberto Luongo couldn't be a better goaltender if he tried, and the 'Nucks are lucky to have him. We've developed quite a man-crush, but it's not what you think. With Bertuzzi where he belongs in Detroit (how poetic is that?!), we have no trouble rooting for Vancouver in this one. They better find some offense, though, and quick.

Dead Wings VS Sharks
No explanation necessary. Go Sharks!


B_Washington said...

As I said in my post today... we think a lot alike.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I saw that. And now that you mention it, I agree with you about the Sharks not really playing that dirty. I've revised the post to include the word "Ducks" where it once said "Sharks". Burke's latest antics, even if blown out of proportion by Lemaire, were dirty as usual. Good call.

Thanks for the links, by the way. We're desperately trying to keep the traffic count above 30 a day.

Mike said...

Added you to our blogroll as well. Thanks for your comments. I hope Abel to Yzerman fires back at us, good to get a little bad blood going before the series even starts.

hockeychic said...

Well, I'm a Wings fan so you probably aren't really thrilled with that but I also live in Denver so I pay attention to the Avs. I hate the Devils (the Evil Empire) as well so at least we can agree on something. (shh, don't tell anyone!)

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Mike - Amen! What would the internet be without some heavy shxt-talking? Let's hope the Sharks dispatch the Wings quickly!

hockeychic - A Wings fan living in Denver? What an abomination! But at least we have the Devils to co-hate.

Baby steps.

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