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April 6, 2007

The MasterDater Strikes Again

Denver Post writer Adrian Dater gave Peter Forsberg a textual hand job today.

Says Dater:

On Saturday - barring another of the countless injuries that added frustration to the awe fans felt toward him - Forsberg will return to the Pepsi Center for the first time as a visiting player with the Nashville Predators.

The Avalanche have missed him. The fans have missed him.

Yeah, let's run through the list of things the Avs and their fans have missed since Floppa took off for the not-so-greener pastures of Philadelphia last season:

1. A constant string of injuries that minimizes his impact nearly every season.

2. A reckless, physical style of play that frequently results in unnecessary penalties as well as the frequent injuries mentioned above.

3. Constant rumors almost every season that he reserves the right to jump ship and move back to Sweden at any time, depending on his mood at the moment.

4. Poorly-maintained facial hair that periodically threatens to take over his entire face, rendering him completely blind---and not even during the playoffs.

Dear Lord Stanley may be the only one, but this blog is glad to see Forsberg on any other team than the Avalanche. When he was healthy, he was often great, but he's past his prime, nearly physically destroyed and completely unreliable over a full season. All he'd be now is a financial burden for the Avalanche.

The best "welcome home" the Avs could give him and his Nashville Predators is a hardcore beat-down in the form of a 0-5 shutout loss. Maybe afterward, Mr. Dater could personally "console" poor Floppa himself.

1 comment:

B_Washington said...

While I agree with you the Foppa is probably not a good fit for the Avs anymore...

I think it would be great to be at the Pepsi center on saterday to show our appreciation to everything he meant to us as a franchise. I got nothing but love for him and hope he and Nashville do well in the playoffs.

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