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April 9, 2007

Postseason Housecleaning

Now that the season is officially over for the Avalanche, and before we get caught up in all the playoff hoopla, we here at Dear Lord Stanley would like to share with you our recommendations for free agent signings and free agent cuttings. Below is the list of players we think the Avs should re-sign to new contracts as well as the dead weight we think the Avs should dump prior to next year.

Without further ado:


Word on the street is that Super Joe has already agreed to a new deal, which comes as no surprise whatsoever. And despite other rumors that he would like to finish his career in Vancouver (some day, probably in 2034), we highly doubt it. The Captain is here to stay until he is no longer able to score 100 points in a season---which could be a very long time from now, by the looks of it.

UPDATE: It's not a rumor anymore.


B_Washington said...

Sakic has signed for another season. I knwo there was never really any doubt, but it's nice to see the ink.

I pretty much agree with your assesment. I think Svatos at $1M/season is pretty fair though, maybe some performance incentives in there too.

Anonymous said...

Giant turd dressed as a goalie, eh? Give me a break. I'd love to see you win League MVP. Give the poor guy another chance. Buying him out doesn't save that much money so just keep him until next year.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

I would rather see Theodore win league MVP. That's not ever going to happen again.

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