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July 1, 2007

"Big D" Scott Hannan Added To Avalanche Blue Line

The Avalanche landed the big d-man they were after by signing Scott Hannan to what TSN reports to be a 4-year, $18 million deal. Hannan, a 6-1, 225-pound heavy hitter will add much needed size and grit to the once-soft Colorado defensive pool.

While the contract, at over $4 million a year, seems a little bloated to me, it's still relatively cap-friendly and leaves the Avs with plenty of money to clinch the deal with Ryan Smyth.

No new details on that, however.


The Dark Ranger said...

you guys are going to land Ryan Smyth....I have that Dark Ranger sixth sense....

here it comes....prepare.


Dear Lord Stanley said...

I'm hoping Smyth pans out for the Avs, that's for sure. They don't NEED him, but he'd be a huge asset.

Anonymous said...

Smyth would be great, but Hannan is a great first move.

Remember how he completely shut down Foppa in the Avs/Sharks series a few seasons back?

That's what the Avs needed. But what happens now to Vannanen and Klee?

Jibblescribbits said...

I think he makes them a huge factor next season. Hopefully they get the deal done soon.

Kinda strange that the teams making noise today were Philly, and NYR, oh and Toronto and Colorado and Detroit.

Good thing there's parity or those lower income clubs wouldn't be able to sign anyone.

Draft Dodger said...

"Remember how he completely shut down Foppa in the Avs/Sharks series a few seasons back?"

I do...but, then again, I also remember Phillipe Boucher and Mattias Norstrom doing a number on him when they were with the Kings (and no, I don't just mean the spleen injury).

Vaananen has been a goner since the season ended. Klee, I could have seen coming back, but that seems slim now.

Smyth has been rumored to be coming to Colorado since well before the trade deadline. Wherever he's going, I wish he'd hurry up and get there.

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