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July 19, 2007

Exciting New Avalanche Blog In Case You Are Bored Of This One

SportsBlogs Nation, in case you aren't aware, is the largest network of sports-related blogs on the entire Internets. There are NFL blogs, blogs for the NBA, MLB blogs and blogs for many college sports programs. Until recently, however, there weren't any blogs dedicated to the National Hockey League.

Not any more, kiddos.

I have been given the privilege of creating a new Colorado Avalanche blog as part of the SB Nation network. This brand new site joins the only other existing NHL site so far, Die By The Blade---a Sabres blog.

Introducing Mile High Hockey.

Make no mistake, this new blog won't be a carbon copy of Dear Lord Stanley. Nothing could possibly be the same as this amazing blog. Not even close. But Mile High Hockey will be the most thorough, in-depth Avalanche fan community on the web.

Did I say "community?" That's right. SB Nation runs on the same technology as the liberal political blog DailyKos, a technology called Scoop that allows readers to create their own user accounts and post their own blog entries, called diaries. These diary posts are linked directly to the front page of the blog, and other users are free to comment on them. In other words, I, the main blogger, am not the only game in town. Everyone is free to chime in and contribute, and build their own following of readers. Even better, diary posts I really like can be promoted to the front page of the blog. This is especially useful when I'm low on my own content or it's a slow news day.

I'm also not alone in this endeavor. I'm being joined in this project by none other than Avalanche blogger Draft Dodger, he of In The Cheap Seats fame. He will be contributing periodic stats-related informational posts to the front page to add depth and substance to my hollow and biased ranting. I'm excited to have him on board.

So, if you love the Avalanche, or at least like to talk about them, head over to Mile High Hockey today and sign up for a free user account. Start posting diary entries. Get the conversation started!

And fellow Avalanche bloggers (you know who you are), start spreading the news! Help me promote this new site, since it's not just my work, but a community of fans dedicated to the team and the Stanley Cups they're still sure to win. I expect to see everyone over there.

Go Avs!


Draft Dodger said...

the what now?

Draft Dodger said...


just kidding - I'm really excited about this. The Avosphere has really been making some exciting strides in the last few months.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! I'm going to be their Wings' blogger once they get it up. The domain has been purchased, but Tyler doesn't think I'll be able to start blogging until early August.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

It took forever to get MHH set up. We've been working on the launch since mid-June.

Congrats, by the way. I look forward to many angry exchanges with the readers of your Wings blog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it should be fun. He contacted me on the 4th of July so we haven't been working on it quite as long as you've been waiting. Apparently, the graphics designer is really backed up and that's what has been taking so long...

Draft Dodger said...

Wings fans can read?


Dear Lord Stanley said...


Anonymous said...

Haha. Yep, this will be a fun season.

Mike Thompson said...

Not only can they read, at least some of them can operate the intrawebs!! Who knew??!!??

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