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July 30, 2007

Panthers Will Likely Play Poorly Again Next Season, Look Worse

The Florida Panthers have really outdone themselves this time. For a team that hasn't really enjoyed success since their appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals back in 1996 (Colorado swept them in four games), they sure don't look too interested in achieving any kind of future glory. Other than signing a really good goalie in Thomas Vokoun, they've more or less got the same batch of minor leaguers they did before.

And, like the Nashville Predators and Columbus Blue Jackets before them, they'll not only suck at playing hockey, they'll also suck aesthetically.

The Panthers unveiled their new uniforms last week (home and away), and boy oh boy are they rotten. Not only did they go with the "apron" style of useless front piping that the Predators adopted, but they've also been suckered (by Reebok, perhaps?) to allow what Paul at UniWatch refers to as "contrast-colored logo creep" to dominate the back of the jerseys. Gross.

The only thing worse would be contrasting vertical and horizontal sleeve stripes. Oh wait, they did that too. The overall color scheme is fine (red, black and yellow has served the Calgary Flames well for years), but the orgy of piping, stripes and unflattering lines in general just makes for one really ugly jersey style.

Lame, Florida. Lame.

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Jibblescribbits said...

You know, that jersey would be 100x better if they just got rid of that weird secondary layer between the piping with the horizontal stripes.

But they putt that in and it just looks terrible.

Teebz said...

I agree with Jibble, but there is so much wrong with these jerseys. Florida, while being a laughing stock in terms of play, is now a laughing stock in terms of their look as well.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

At least they're consistent.

The Dark Ranger said...

The Rangers play our first season game - at home no less - against Florida. Jags, Drury, Gomez, the King....against Florida.

Thanks for all the encouragement.


Dear Lord Stanley said...

I was unaware that an NHL teams were allowed to play AHL teams. Interesting.

Mike Thompson said...

I clicked on the Uniwatch link about the logo creep and the only comment I have is "Somebody plays for Florida named Capefish?" "Really?"

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