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July 23, 2007

We're All Invited To The Nashville BBQ, Suck Fest

The Nashville Predators unveiled their new RBK Edge uniforms last week, and, due to an ill-timed out-of-town excursion, I was unable to offer my opinion when it immediately came spewing forth from my mind.

My initial impression of the new jerseys was to ask, "Why the hell are the Predators wearing aprons?" Unfortunately, because I hesitated, somebody beat me to it.

That somebody is the illustrious Teebz, whose opinion is more or less identical to my own on the Hamilton/Kansas City/Nashville Predators' new look. In sum, it sucks. Just like the team is going to this coming season.

I'm not even going to justify their aesthetic cop-out by posting a lengthy analysis of the new uniforms. Instead, I'm going to go buy dirt-cheap tickets to their game against the Avalanche on October 4th so I can mock the Predators in person.


Teebz said...

Just commented on the Sharks' new look. All I can say is that I am hoping the Avs change nothing on their uniforms.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Rumors abound, but I have a feeling that the changes will be minimal at most. Hopefully they don't mess with what is already a reasonably good thing.

Jessie Thompson said...

Aprons? I don't see how they look like aprons. I for one love the uniforms, but I am a tad biased.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the Avs are also invited to the BBQ.

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