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May 20, 2007

Avalanche Stuff Watch™

The latest and greatest Avalanche-related junk from around the internets (it's not a dump truck!).

Item #1:

Available from the MeiGray Group, a Paul Kariya game-worn jersey from the 2003-04 season for the completely reasonable price of $2995. Hopefully the buyer scores more wearing the jersey than Kariya did that year.

Item #2:

On eBay, a CCM helmet (complete with Avs logo on the side) autographed by Joe Sakic. So far no bids, but you can skip the troublesome auction process and just drop $299 right now. There's no word on the size, though, so your dreams of streaking the next local pee-wee hockey game wearing only a Sakic-signed brain bucket may be thwarted by an undersized...helmet.

Item #3:

Also on ebay, a certified mint Patrick Roy rookie card from the O-Pee-Chee set of 1986. You can own this extremely valuable piece of cardboard and ink right now for just $399. And you better hurry, because the offer ends tomorrow, and then your chance to throw your children's college money away---one hockey card at a time---will slip through your fingers.

Item #4:

Speaking of kiddies, you can distract them from the financial demolition of their educational future by getting them a Colorado Avalanche Die Cast Tractor Trailer from (oddly enough) MLB.com. With a price of only $12.99, you'll barely even notice that you fell for a cheap marketing ploy and bought something with absolutely no relation to hockey whatsoever. Go for it!


Tapeleg said...

Meigray tends to do massive sales, so picking up an Avs game worn of a lesser loved player (did I just say that about Kariya?) is much cheaper than you might think. My Dan Hinote (a well loved player) was on sale for quite a bit less then you would think.

Of course, you could go the other way, and get a minor or European gamer of a current or former Avs. I have a Russian jersey of a former Avs who played only 3 games in the NHL, but it's still quite a story for people who see it.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

What's interesting to me is that MeiGray has a game-worn jersey of Ray Macias for dirt cheap. Since he's only just begun his career, there's a potential that the price could shoot up in the next few years. Probably worth picking up now, if I were someone who collects game-worn jerseys. I'm not. But if I was, I would buy it.

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