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May 22, 2007

Winner By A Neck

Jes Golbez of Hockey Rants and NHL Fanhouse fame expressed interest in creating a series of "separated at birth" comparison photo montages featuring NHL players and their lookalikes in the celebrity and entertainment world. Thinking it was a good idea, and wanting an excuse to point out something I noticed a long time ago, I submit to you the following (highly accurate, I think) comparison:

Andy McDonald of the Anaheim Ducks and Jeffrey Sebelia of the third season of Bravo's reality show Project Runway.

Seriously, look at their necks! They're huge! And they have the same haircuts! OMG WTF

I'm man enough to admit that Project Runway is one of my favorite TV shows. Reality show contests that actually require the contestants to have skill and talent are few and far between, and what better way to scope a bunch of hot runway models---not to mention Heidi Klum---every single episode?

Anyway, McDonald and Sebelia. Drink it in.


KMS2 said...

I'm a girl so it's slightly better for me to admit that I LOVE Project Runway and I about died when I saw your "separated at birth". That's a good one!! I hate McDonald and I couldn't stand Sebalia, so even more of a perfect fit.

My suggestion: Kimmo Timonen and Carson Kressley

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Timonen and Kressley have got to be twins. Somebody should order some DNA testing.

Sherry said...

That happened to be the only season of Project Runway I watched so I actually understood the reference.

And I can totally see the resemblance. All that's missing is the pretentious neck tattoo. Maybe it'll help it look smaller?

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