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May 17, 2007

Duck Redemption

The Ducks redeemed themselves after losing to Detroit 5-0 the other night by tying the series at two games a piece with an impressive 5-3 victory. And they did it without Chris Pronger. Not too shabby.

Speaking of not too shabby, Doug Weight has done a really great job as a guest analyst for Versus tonight. He's likable, well-spoken and calm in front of the camera. His commentary on the game was full of clever insights and personal anecdotes, just what you'd want from a player-turned-analyst---unlike Brett Hull and Chicken Parm on NBC, who haven't had a decent thing to say about hockey in a long time, and come across like jerks more often than not. Too self-assured and cocky, too much the know-it-alls that nobody likes.

Doug Weight, along with one of my favorite players of all time, Keith Jones, make a great on-air team and I hope Versus (if, god help us, they're still carrying hockey then) hires Weight as a full-time studio guy once he retires. They could do a lot worse.

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