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May 11, 2007

Ducks Get Blown Over

The Ducks couldn't withstand the force generated by the Dead Wings tonight, and lost game one of the Western Conference finals 2-1. To make matters worse, both Detroit goals were the result of an even mixture of pressure and ugliness. That's more or less what the Wings are anyway---pressure and ugliness. Funny how things work out.

At any rate, Anaheim had better get their rears in gear if they're going to get back in this thing, and they better do it quick. The Wings are finding clever ways to win every single game they play this postseason. It's hard to imagine, the way they've been playing, that they won't make it to the Stanley Cup finals. And we just can't have that.


Danny said...

This first goal was a real letdown for the Ducks. Detroit have been getting some lucky breaks in the playoffs (Mike Grier's chance in game six) Crazy..

hockeychic said...

Hmm, well the Wings didn't get the breaks last night, the Ducks did. Odd series, Wings really should have lost G1 and the Ducks really should have lost G2 and it did not go that way. Game 3 should be very interesting.

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