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May 17, 2007

Sabres Show Up

After being missing for several days, the Buffalo Sabres were finally found, alive, in Ottawa. They even managed to beat the Senators and delay their inevitable elimination from the Eastern Conference finals.

I feel sorry for Ryan Miller. Despite his best efforts to carry his team, he's going to end up just like Roberto Luongo---home early and all alone in the photo. Poor guy.


hockeychic said...

The Sabres still managed to almost blow it. Yikes. I agree, it is the inevitable unfortunately for the Sabres. The Drury factor is maybe not as big as I thought in this series.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

One player can't carry an entire team. The Canucks and Stars both proved that this year. And I'd argue that the Sabres are relying far more on the Miller Factor this time instead of Drury.

hockeychic said...

I'd agree with your argument. It has definitely been the Ryan Miller Sabres. Be interesting to see what happens tomorrow.

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