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May 16, 2007

King Of Suck

Adrian Dater, Avalanche beat reporter for the Denver Post, takes the time today to remind us all why Todd Bertuzzi still sucks. And not just because he's a rotten person, but because he's now a terrible hockey player:

Todd Bertuzzi moved swiftly and with purpose, a look of fierce determination on his bearded face. He sped past the people in front of him, weaving through traffic with grace and ease.

Unfortunately for the Detroit Red Wings, that described Bertuzzi negotiating through reporters after a practice at Joe Louis Arena. His quickness on the ice these days is another story.

Dater follows up his article with
a blog entry expressing his shock and amazement that Dead Wings fans didn't pepper him with insults and invectives after daring to criticize one of their players.

I still can't quite comprehend the irony of Bertuzzi being a Dead Wing. Or the fact that a back injury will ultimately prove to be his downfall. But until he finally gives it all up and joins Steve Moore in the exclusive group of unwillingly retired NHL players, he's still going to annoy me to no end.

And if Detroit wins the Cup and Bertuzzi gets to hoist it above his fat head, I think I'll lose my mind.


hockeychic said...

Not all Wings fans are enamored of Bertuzzi. There are quite a few of us that are disgusted with him being on the Wings.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Good to know.

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