“Bettman has only a marginal interest in the weaker teams. He only wants the NHL to make a bigger profit as a whole.” -- Dominik Hasek

May 3, 2007

Now Or Never

It's now or never for the Canucks, who face elimination tonight in Game 5 of their series against the Anaheim Ducks. They found a little bit of offense in the last game, but managed to blow a two goal lead and lose in overtime, falling three games to one.

Roberto Luongo has to tighten his game, which showed a little bit of weakness, and the Canucks have to remember that scoring goals doesn't mean you can quit playing defense, which they generally do very well. On most nights.

I'm rooting for the Bad Luck 'Nucks, but they're definitely not in a happy place right now. I wonder if Pavel Bure is looking for some part-time work.

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Anonymous said...

CANUCKS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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