“Bettman has only a marginal interest in the weaker teams. He only wants the NHL to make a bigger profit as a whole.” -- Dominik Hasek

May 23, 2007

Representative Government Faces Water Fowl In Finals

So finally the Dead Wings have been defeated, and the horrible abomination that is their post-season success has come to an end. The Ducks, often despite themselves, managed to win in six games. Dominik Hasek, whose atomic half-life appeared to be in the neighborhood of 300 years, suddenly seemed a little too old. Todd Bertuzzi looked like an idiot for the most part, and that always makes me happy. Pavel Datsyuk, on the other hand, finally escaped the stigma of being a playoff choker, just as a certain Swede on another team has done. Henrik Zetterberg somehow managed to draw comparisons to actual superstars in the league, despite scoring no points in 11 of the Wings' 18 playoff games. And finally, a guy named Pronger, who is apparently more hated these days for his wife than his dominant defensive play, annoyed and offended everyone not on his team to the point of tears and now gets his second chance in two seasons to win the Stanley Cup.

His Ducks will face a finally-dominant Ottawa Senators team that hasn't had a series go longer than five games, and beat powerhouse Cup favorites Buffalo like they were a redheaded stepchild. Their once-maligned Swedish captain has scored at least a point in 12 of 15 playoff games, including the series-clinching goal against the Sabres despite being on the short end of a 3-on-1 defensive ambush. Their goalie has proven himself to be as solid and consistent as they need him to be, and has a goals against average of 1.95 and a save percentage of .919. The Senators' other stars are just as consistent in the playoffs as they were all season. They are clearly the favorites to win the Cup.

So, who to root for? The Senators are a great team with some really amazing star players and at least 5.1 percent of their province behind them. Finally the Cup could return to Canada. On the other hand, the Ducks boast an unbelievable defense and an up-and-coming superstar. And they beat the Dead Wings. The decision is a tough one. Who to favor?

The answer: WHO CARES? The Avs didn't make the playoffs and the Wings are now out, so what difference does it make to me who wins? None at all! I'll just blissfully watch what I'm sure will be an awesome series and bask in the glory that is playoff hockey. Regardless of who wins, a team (and a lot of players) that have never won the Cup will finally get to hoist that baby up---that's always a sweet sight.

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