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May 16, 2007

How He Really Feels

Earl Sleek over at the Battle Of California is understandably upset about the Dead Wings' 5-0 crushing of the Ducks last night. So angry, in fact, that he launches a salvo of hatred at Detroit fans that only an Avalanche blog (like this one) can really appreciate:

I’ll tell you what was the biggest realization of the night: I might not really hate the Red Wings as much as I hate the fucking Red Wing fans. You want to know why “Hockeytown” is being harassed for its attendance (pricing) issues? Look no further than your asshole fans, who’ve been citing attendance numbers to discredit our franchise for years!

In all seriousness, you might be the best, most polite, quaintest Red Wing fan in the universe, but know this. You come from easily the worst fanbase in the western conference, from a tolerability standpoint. I won’t go into specifics about tonight, but know that at the end of the game I shook a guy’s hand for being a Wings fan and not an asshole.

And I had to go two sections over to find him.

Wow. It reads almost as if it was written in Denver ten years ago. I highly approve.

I don't approve, however, of the Ducks completely forgetting how to play hockey last night and letting Detroit get the lead (again) in the Western Conference finals. Not cool. Really not cool.

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