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May 18, 2007

Show Some Spine!

Don't wimp out on us, Giguere. Cut Jose Theodore, take the cap hit over two seasons, sign a decent backup at around $1 million and get this party started.

I believe in you, you can do it.

Addendum: There are many who think that money is somehow an issue in the whole Jose Theodore clusterf-ck. It's not. Let me tell you why. If the Avs cut Theodore and buy out his contract, they take an immediate $4 million hit against the salary cap this season. They have the option of spreading that total across two seasons, $2 million this year and $2 million the next. Now, your average decent NHL backup goaltender on the free agent market is going to run you no less than about $1 million a year. Even if a complete buyout of Theodore and the signing of a new backup costs the same overall as keeping Theodore, the Avs still come out on top because they have a different backup than Theodore. If you're stuck paying way too much for a backup goalie, it might as well be for a good one, right?


B_Washington said...

Obviously we differ on this one.

To be honest though I don't think this is the biggest dilema facing the Avs this offseason. Anything they do with Theo will be fine, because he's a backup goalie. An expensive one, but one not likely to really have an impact on the team one way or the other.

Free agent signings are much more important, as they are notoriously hit-or-miss and the Avs could use some good Defense.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Yeah, regardless of what they do with Theodore, they still have a ton of cap space and can put some competitive offers on the table for guys like Ryan Smyth, Chris Drury and maybe my boy Brian Rafalski.

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