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June 14, 2007

Avalanche Likely To Keep Theodore, Losing Hockey Games

According to sports agent Don Meehan, the Colorado Avalanche will not buy out $6 million backup goalie Jose Theodore's contract and will allow him to finish his last year with the team. DLS is not a fan of Paris Theodore, but there are logical monetary arguments for not buying him out, so I'm not surprised that the Avs will keep him around.

Unfortunately, Theodore is still washed up until he proves otherwise, and he's already been given plenty of chances to do so. Hopefully this year Coach Q will not try a two-goalie approach like he did in the beginning of last season. Go with Budaj full time unless he implodes, leave Theo on the bench to ponder his confusing but continued existence in the National Hockey League.

Maybe Theodore will end up being really good this coming season. Maybe he'll re-establish himself as a top tier goalie and lead the Avalanche to their third Stanley Cup. Maybe I need to lay off the hallucinogens.

In other Avalanche contract news, the team has re-signed overrated power forward Scott "The Sheriff" Parker and young minor league defenseman Johnny Boychuk to a couple of cheap contracts. No surprises there.


Mike said...

I actually miss Scott Parker. And how is he overrated? I thought you have to be rated in order to be overrated :-). He's a big guy who's good in the locker room and can beat ass on the ice. You get him near a puck, all bets are off.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

If he's capable of beating ass, he sure didn't show it this past season. In his four fights (none with Colorado), two were a draw and he lost the other two. The Avs already have a scrapper in Laperriere---even if he's not very big---and Lappy can score sometimes. Parker is an offensive disaster.

Mike said...

Gotta love hockeyfights.com. BTW, Laperriere went 4-7 with 5 draws last year. Three of Parker's 4 fights were against George Parros, one of the toughest guys in the league. I don't want to get into it too much, but let's just say I don't agree with some of the 'decisions'. And that goes for Laperriere as well (he beat Cowan's ass).

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Good point. I don't want to seem like I was putting too much weight on hockeyfights.com or Lappy being The Best Fighter Ever. I just don't think Parker is all that big of an asset to the team considering he'll be lucky to play in half the games next season.

That said, they're barely paying him (by league standards) so it doesn't really matter either way. They can always send him to Cleveland.

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