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June 8, 2007

Hockey Bloggers Write About Hockey

The Stanley Cup Finals are over. The dust has settled and the Anaheim Ducks have waddled away with the best trophy in professional sports.

For your enjoyment, I'll roundup the partisan celebrations and obituaries:

Earl Sleek at the Battle of California's initial reaction is to get extremely drunk, but then sobers up long enough to pat his team on the back for finally not choking.

His colleague Rudy Kelly offers the perspective of someone on the complete opposite side of the Winner/Loser spectrum---that of a Kings fan.

Anaheim Duck Fan brings to us the many happy words of the Cup winners themselves. And Girl With A Puck adds photos of the champions.

As for the other side, the Senators, a collective stiff upper lip among the few and the proud that call Ottawa their favorite team.

The Battle of Ontario lists what the Sens have going for them, despite "not winning anything" by losing in the Cup Finals. Uh, I know for a fact that they won the Prince Of Wales trophy, and that's not too shabby. AND they crushed the collective dreams of everyone in Buffalo. You can't put a price on that.

DLS-favorite Sherry over at Scarlett Ice has been on an emotional roller coaster since the Senators dropped game one of the finals. Her initial reaction to the series and the loss of her team follows that theme pretty well. She's a good sport, though.

Five For Smiting has a bit of an existential meltdown. And finally, Kyle at Sens Army Blog takes the role of movie critic and starts throwing his thumbs at things.

Now, enough of the Cup and actual hockey. Time to worry about contracts and money---the offseason is here baby!


Sherry said...

Thanks DLS, I'm honoured to be a favourite :) And also, having ice cream and alcohol on standby REALLY helps ease the pain.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Beer floats!

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