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June 4, 2007

Hot Hockey Prospect Man Meat

The NHL Draft is coming up, and the top prospects are being put through their paces in the annual combine. On June 22-23, they'll be picked by the teams in Columbus, OH and then begin what could be a long, frustrating minor league career. Or they'll finish college, or maybe even play in the NHL someday. It's all up in the air with draft picks---they're so unpredictable.

But if stat sheets and scout summaries just don't fulfill your raw lust for sweet hockey prospect ass, look no further than the Edmonton Oilers website. Now, for the first time, you can download and watch the NHL Central Scouting's videos of each top player for yourself! Oh baby, grab some popcorn or maybe some tissues, because this is going to be a long night!

(via On Frozen Blog)

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