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June 12, 2007

Pierre Turgeon Retires, Says "Peace Out, Homies"

Pierre Turgeon, the potential NHL Hall Of Famer the Avs decided to blow $3 million on when they signed him to a two-year contract in 2005 (79 total games in two seasons!), has decided to follow his damaged groin and calf muscles into retirement. Turgeon, once an excellent playmaker, also had a scoring touch. He retires with 515 career goals and 1,327 total points in just 1,294 games.

The Avs learned a valuable lesson by signing Turgeon and Patrice "Speed Racer" Brisebois in 2005: old men get hurt a lot. Nobody fell and broke their hip, to my knowledge, but the geriatric free agents the Avs tried to replace Peter Forsberg with just didn't pan out. Then again, Peter Forsberg is an injury time bomb himself, so maybe the choice of Turgeon to fill his spot at second line center was actually pretty appropriate.

Anyway, good luck to Pierre in the Hall Of Fame voting, and I wish him, and his groin, many happy years in the old folks home.

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