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June 27, 2007

A Little More Than Fashionably Late

I didn't want to bring it up again, because the whole incident is over, done, history. Denver Post writer Adrian Dater's now-more-than-infamous rant against ESPN last week has been blogged into oblivion, partly by me. And others. And others. And still others.

But it's over now. The Post took the blog entries down, Dater said he was sorry, and everybody has gone back to giving ESPN the verbal and written handjobs it so richly deserves.

But nooooooooooo, just when you think it's all been put to rest, in waltzes some Johnny-come-lately with a half-assed report on the incident. Denver Westword (is that a newspaper or just some web site? I don't live in Denver) has decided to run a hatchet piece less-than-comprehensive story on the exchange between AD and the Four-Letter.

Blatantly missing from the report is any mention whatsoever of Dear Lord Stanley or fellow Avs-blogging hero JibbleScribbits, the very people who brought attention to the whole mess in the first place. Not that we're proud of that. I'm sure Dater would have preferred the whole thing not have drawn so much attention (or maybe not---you never know in this sensationalist media environment). But anyway, nothing about us. There's a brief mention of Greg at the Fanhouse, but no link to his post about the whole sorry blowup. Nothing about the very people---nay, the very heroes---that alerted the hockey blogosphere to a truly remarkable train wreck of an opinion piece in the first place.

If Denver Westword is in fact a printed publication, it just further illustrates the blatant failures of that medium, especially when trying to cross over to the web. If it is primarily a web-based outfit, then shame on them for just being lazy.

But it's cool. Whatever. I'm just sitting around in my underwear in my mom's basement anyway, and she just made me cookies. Thanks Mom.

At least she still loves me.

UPDATE: Tapeleg over at JerseysAndHockeyLove has politely informed me that Denver Westword is a free, weekly (printed) publication with a focus on the local arts, music and media scene. Just to clarify.


Jibblescribbits said...

Westword is an independant local "underground" Denver newspaper.

I'm not exactly proud we brought attention to it, and I'm not embarrassed by it either. I mean it was out there on a major newspaper's website for the entire world to read, If we hadn't found it, someone would have right?

I've stated my opinion of it before, i liked the rant, and I'm glad he said it. That's about all I have to say about it anymore.

The Westword's article was a hatchetjob though. They butchered that thing really bad. They could have played any one of a hundread angles on it, and didn't play any angles. PRetty lame writing if you ask me.

Jibblescribbits said...

P.S. did you get my e-mail. jibblescribbits@gmail.com

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Indeed I did. I merely needed your email address in the event I needed to contact you in the future. You know, for super secret basement blogging purposes.

Or to chat. Whichever.

Teebz said...

Hey, I'll go on record here.

You and Jibble did some excellent work in bringing Dater's point to the surface. Why is it that bloggers and newspaper scribes are looked down upon, and ESPN is held in such high regard? Because they are the "Worldwide Leaders"? My ass, they are.

Dater, if anything, should start his own blog. In fact, since you have contact with him, DLS, encourage him to start one. I think it would be great if he had as many resources (such as this blogosphere) to help him scoop ESPN.

It's only a matter of time before blogging and newspaper writers reclaim the title of "Breaking News".

Jibblescribbits said...

Well Teebz, he actually has one. That's where his rant was.

That's why I said I don't really want credit for "Bringing it out"or "breaking the story. It was there for everyone to see on a national newspaper's webpage, it's not like we took it off of his desk.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Well, Dater has "his own blog", but obviously it's not really his---it's the Denver Post's. Since he's employed by them he's subject to their rules, so it's not exactly like DLS, where I can rant about anything I want all day long---as long as it's not pornography-related---and nobody cares at all. Blogger only cares about boobies.

Now, as for "breaking stories", I think it's safe to say that few bloggers read Dater's Post blog outside of the Avalanche blog "family", and that it was up to us to bring attention to it since few if any probably would have noticed. Not that nobody reads his blog---obviously there are many Post readers---but very few people blog about the Avs and follow Dater's stuff like we do. I have a distinct feeling it would have gone "unnoticed" for a much longer amount of time had Jibble and I not posted about it.

But anyway, it doesn't matter. It's over and all is now peachy in the world of Avalanche blogging. Back to relative obscurity.

Jibblescribbits said...

Bloggers care about boobies.

Tapeleg said...

Ah, the irony. Dater complains about newspaper people "breaking" stories and not getting credit, then you do the same thing.

Dear Lord Stanley said...

Such is life.

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